Thrive in Action

Online Programme 

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Helping you to flourish in an era 

where turbulence and disruption are the norm

"Join me on a personal leadership journey of discovery, inspiration, learning and growth"

  • Meet whatever life brings you from a place of trust, clarity and ease
  • Be creative, resourceful and resilient, even in the toughest of circumstances
  • Stay calm and present with ‘what is’ and identify your next steps
  • Release the potential in yourself, in others and in any challenge

Programme design and practical points

  • Step in for just 3 months or for a full year
  • Live online sessions are on Zoom. These include:

    • One-time introductory session of 2 hours to lay the foundation: 3rd September 2024
      Including fundamental principles and concepts of Transformational Presence®
    • Monthly masterclass (on a Tuesday) on the theme of the month. 2.5 hours
    • Monthly enrichment session (on a Wednesday) for deepening on the theme, exchanging and learning from experiences in our daily lives and work. 1.5 hours
  • For all the 2024-2025 session dates and times, see here. These live sessions are not recorded.
  • Fortnightly recorded meditation exercise. Live online on Monday at 4:30pm CET for 20 minutes. 
  • Recorded 5-minute daily-practice exercise. One per month. Linked to the monthly theme. This allows short moments of concrete practice, offering more space, calm, clarity and focus during your day.
  • Unlimited access to an online environment exclusive to participants, containing theory, exercises and meditations.
  • WhatsApp group for sharing recorded meditations and for sharing 5-minute practice. Also for supporting each other, inspiration and deepening our learning.
  • The programme language is English.
  • The programme content is inspired by and grounded in the Transformational Presence® approach, tools and the 10 years of experience I have with this way of living and working.

More about the programme

This programme requires a minimum time investment of around 5 hours per month.

All sessions are live online. Each month, there is a central theme that we work with, based on a chapter in my book. 

There are 10 months in which we meet for sessions. August and December are breaks.

The next step-in date is 3rd September 2024 (for a one-off Foundation Session). Starting in September 2024 means that your journey will finish at the end of September 2025.

Group sessions are experiential, focussing on discovery and gaining insights. In between sessions you are invited to practice and integrate your learning into your daily life, leadership and work. To support you in this, you will receive simple yet powerful concepts and tools, including a fortnightly meditation exercise and a 5-minute daily practice for each month. Both are recorded. 

The programme is designed to support you in taking concrete steps forward in your self-leadership and personal growth. Journeying together with other like-minded and like-hearted people, we can lift and inspire each other! 

What participants say about the

Thrive in Action Programme

Marieke Baarslag

Director at one of the big four accounting firms

'This is a great gift to yourself; to spend a year consciously reflecting on certain aspects of life, leadership and how you approach things. I've been strengthened in listening to my own truth and wisdom; knowing what is right for me and standing up for that.'

Gerdie van Zon 

Grief counsellor. Experienced grief and loss expert

'It’s great to explore one theme per month. This gives focus, and allows me to grasp the concepts, consciously work with them and make them my own. What I learn sticks with me and supports me in my daily life and work. Themes that we handled 6 months ago are still with me today!'

Patricia Hoekstra

Walking coach & certified forest bathing guide

'The programme has a beautiful structure, taking us on a clear journey. Jo has a professional ‘tone of voice’, bringing clarity and a nice combination of business-like and gentle energy. Through the sharing of her own stories, Jo invites me into my own learning process and I have more courage to step forward in to my own personal leadership.

Inspiring and practical. I can really apply it. I love that!*

Embark with me upon a yearlong journey of exploration, discovery and growth. Together, we will create a safe space that can support you to be inspired and nourished; a space where you can share and learn together with other like-minded and like-hearted individuals who know there is a next step to take or something more waiting for them to step into.

Learn to navigate through life’s ups-and-downs with more ease; to thrive in our incredibly complex, fast-paced, turbulent world.

Come and rest, recharge, reflect and refocus. In the presence of others, you will have the space and support to engage with your challenges, gaining new insights. From there, your next steps forward will emerge.

Practice with simple yet powerful Transformational Presence® based concepts and frameworks, tools and skills that will guide you in the process of engaging with whatever life hands you, as you journey on.

As You grow, so do I. As I grow, so do you.

We are all on our own personal leadership growth journey through life. Together we can reach further and travel with more ease, than if we were to go it alone. 

*Title words are from Jackelien Icks, Interim HR manager, consultant and former programme participant.

Programme monthly themes

This programme is based on my book Thrive in turbulent times. Each month has a theme, linked to a book chapter:

  1.  Acknowledge and accept what is
  2. Practice presence and stillness
  3. Cultivate trust
  4. Dialogue with and listen to life
  5. Release the potential in the drama
  6. Focus your thoughts and beliefs
  7. Engage with emotions, as powerful information
  8. Partner with fear and develop courage
  9. Strengthen your intuitive intelligence
  10. Step in to gratitude and Joy

Thrive in Action

Online Programme - Pricing & Timing

WHEN: Next step-in moment is Tuesday, 3rd September 2024 

LOCATION: Online via Zoom


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€1.122,50,- ex VAT 

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Normal early bird price: €2.245,- ex VAT early bird price up to and including 3rd August 2024

Normal standard price: €2.495,- ex VAT after 3rd August 2024

Three Month Boost

€385,- ex VAT

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No worries! Sign up now for just three months.

Step in on September 3rd (Foundation Session) and travel with us for 3 months: October, November 2024 and January 2025 (December is a 'vacation' month on the programme).

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After three months, you will have the option to continue for the rest of the year at the bonus price.

what People are saying

Thrive in Action - Online Programme

Inspiring and practical. I can really apply the concepts and tools and I love that! Thrive differs from other more regular programs, in which you are more in your head and intellect and tap less in to the wisdom of your intuition and body. The latter brings me more peace and confidence. It offers me a different, helpful perspective on things. I am able to live more in ‘active surrender’ and to partner with what is. I can be pretty hard on myself and tapping into the wisdom of my intuition and body makes me milder. I am more human, which is nicer for those around me too, both in my personal life and professionally.

Jackelien Icks

interim hr (project) manager & consultant

This programme helps you to effectively engage with whatever is going on around you. You learn to focus on who you are in the core, on what is important to you and how to respond to your circumstances in a way that works for you. Your resilience increases and you can stand more calmly and firmly in the face of challenges. The online sessions are moments of rest and reflection, allowing you to slow down and step back from the busy-ness and day-to-day issues. Jo creates a safe space in which you can be open, honest, vulnerable and therefore take the next steps that are right for you.

Monique Bosboom

Director Healthcare IT & change management 

Part of what makes Jo so extraordinary as a leader and coach is how she shows up in the world. She is authentic, affirming, honest, open, and true. The concepts and approaches she offers in this program are clear, solid, practical, and immediately applicable in your own life. You will discover ways of living that foster greater awareness, understanding, and clarity about what is happening within you and around you. This, in turn, opens the door to greater ease, flow, and possibility in your life, your relationships, and your work.  

I highly recommend this year-long program with Jo. I promise you a sense of connection, support, and heart that will serve you beyond measure!   

Alan Seale

founder & director, center for transformational presence

I know that in order to show up to clients grounded and ready to coach, I too need support and space.

Jo and her Thrive program were the perfect resources for me. She kept me present to principles and ideas that I believe in and she offered a space of connection and wisdom that filled my cup - professionally AND personally.

Very grateful for this shared experience.

Karyn Taeyaerts, PCC, SPHR

professional development & leadership coach

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About Jo Boniszewski

Jo Boniszewski is an executive leadership coach and facilitator with over 15 years' experience. Jo enables those with whom she works to get to the heart of the matter quickly, expand their awareness, gain new insights and take concrete steps forward. This results in significant breakthroughs and sustainable growth.

Prior to becoming a coach, Jo spent 15 years in the corporate world, in commercial management roles. She naturally bridges the perceived gaps between the rational intellect and intuitive knowing, between task orientation and people orientation. Jo speaks the business-language of her clients and through experience, understands the issues and challenges leaders face on a daily basis. She offers an effective combination of lived experience, theoretical concepts and practical frameworks as well as tools for building new capacities and skills. As a result, the individuals and teams with whom she works learn to live and lead with more ease and impact.