Thrive in turbulent times - Audio exercises

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About this resource

Welcome to the guided audio exercises that accompany the book Thrive in turbulent times. These audios are an additional support for you, and offer practical and concrete help as you journey through the book.

There are eleven audio exercises included in the book. Here, they are listed in the order that they appear in the book. Firstly, you see the book chapter in which they appear and then the title of the exercise.

Enjoy these practices!

Your comments, questions and feed-forward are always welcome. They will support me too, to keep on growing and evolving! 🙂

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Chapter 1 – Push Against or Partner With

Discover what happens when you shift from resistance to active acceptance and partnering with your circumstances.
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Chapter 2 - Your Point of Stillness

Walk the path to your own Point of Stillness, with this guided meditation.
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Chapter 3 - Your Inner Triangle

Physically ground yourself in your body and connect with the sense of safety and trust inside of you.
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Chapter 3 - Grow into Trust

Discover the way that you are meant to grow into trust with this guided exploration.
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Chapter 4 - Letting Life Talk to You

"Do you talk to life, or do you let life talk to you?". This guided audio exercise brings the Three Transformational Presence Questions (introduced in Chapter 4) and the 'Push Against or Partner With' concept (introduced in Chapter 1) together in a practical application. Discover how you can take listening to life a step further.
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Chapter 6 - The Four Levels of Engagement

Apply the D(i)SCO framework to a challenge that you are currently experiencing in your life.
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Chapter 8 - Associative Writing with Your Emotion

Allowing your emotions to speak to you through writing can work really well. Often, a richness of information is revealed. In this simple, yet powerful exercise, you give your emotion a voice. Your emotion can tell you what really matters to you, what is important to you and what you need.
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Chapter 9 - Calming Fear

This exercise can help you calm intense and overwhelming fear and anxiety. Practice this with small concerns and worries when times are 'good', then when challenged by intense fear and anxiety, you will have developed a greater capacity to ground yourself and calm your fear with patience and compassion.
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Chapter 10 - Checking in with Your Three Intelligences

This exercise guides you in a practice of checking in with your Three Intelligences - your head, your gut and your heart.
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Chapter 10 - Dialogue with your Three Intelligences

This practice helps you to develop the capacity to engage your Three Intelligences in a dialogue. The more you practice this, the more skilled you become at leveraging all three of your intelligences immediately when opportunities and challenges arise. You will be able to quickly cut through complexity, identify potential and move forward with your thoughts (head), feelings (gut) and deeper knowing (heart) aligned.
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Chapter 11 - A Gratitude Exercise

This exercise is inspired by the work of the HeartMath institute. It can take as little as 2 minutes and is a simple way to call up and sustain a feeling of gratitude and appreciation, even when things are tough. It can help you cultivate and sustain your own sense of joy and well-being. The more you practice this, the faster and easier you will be able to call up and experience feelings of appreciation, no matter how challenging your circumstances. Practice when times are 'good' so that when you hit stormy waters, you will be able to easily access this practice and have at your side to support you.